Conversations on Climate

Season 3: episode 7 – in conversation with Laurent Muzellec

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In this episode, host Chris Caldwell is joined by Professor Laurent Muzellec, Dean of Trinity College Dublin, to discuss the role of business schools in preparing future leaders for a greener and more responsible world.

Laurent is a professor and the Dean at Trinity Business School, Trinity College, Dublin, and is a researcher with a long-standing interest in branding and technology. He previously founded the Trinity Centre for Digital Business and the MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy.

This fascinating conversation and packed episode includes:


Why access matters

Business ‘for good’: too nice, too stupid?

How do you decarbonise a school with a 70% foreign intake?

ESG and global league tables – change is in the air

Climate and the demand for holistic education

What do next gen students really think? It’s a paradigm shift

Where Trinity will be in 4 years: ESG, ethics and tech

How the School is facing AI

Why it’s so hard to regulate big tech…

Social media, addiction, and the use-cases of Big Brother

His one tip for brand success


“…if the future generation has access to generative AI on a daily basis and if all modes of teaching do not account for this, then of course like what we’re teaching becomes meaningless and they are not going to learn anything…”

“What is the social benefit of being on your mobile phone for four, five, six, seven hours a day, which are the figures that some of our children are experiencing that technology. What is the benefit for them, What is the benefit for society and why we’re not regulating this…”

“that’s what we’re doing trying to do at the business school, combining, you know, our concern for sustainability, integrating our into our pedagogical approach, integrating A.I. in what we are actually teaching…”







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