Powering the future of green energy

We are a proven partner for taking renewable energy projects from green field to operational management.

Climate change is the single greatest challenge facing our generation. We believe electrification of the planet with renewable energy is a key part of the solution.

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Renewable Energy Projects

Developed, managed, and in operation.

Broad experience across wind, solar, anaerobic digestion, and hydropower. Deep decarbonisation expertise, deploying cutting-edge energy efficiency and tried and tested renewable generation technologies in commercial and industrial settings.

What we do

Sustainable success

At United Renewables we have decades of in-house experience planning, building and operating successful clean energy projects globally.

End-to-end success

Our multi-disciplinary team manages large scale developments from start to finish to minimise risk and deliver results.

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Future-facing technology

We combine established approaches with emerging technologies to constantly refine our processes for optimum outcomes.

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Sustainable network

We bring together investors, experts and academics to explore new frontiers in renewable energy and create bold solutions.

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Our Sectors

Industry Expertise

Our core business is the development of well-established technologies of onshore wind, solar and anaerobic digestion, developing projects that the world needs today. In addition we pride ourselves on our work in pioneering the next generation of green power. Working with us enables you to assist in the shaping of tomorrow’s technology while future-proofing your investment.

Wind Power

Solar Energy

Anaerobic Digestion

Hydro Electricity


Energy Efficiency

We Invest in the future

In an increasingly competitive energy marketplace, we pride ourselves in providing secure, long-term returns through the generation of green energy and a range of other related sustainable businesses.

Protect the future

We work to aid the energy transition by funding renewable energy development.

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Sustainable investment

We minimize uncertainty by aligning with long term national regulatory goals and trends.

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Secure returns

We aim to generate a stable income from our investments with a focused on making a difference to the energy transition.

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Ring Fenced Projects

Each technology we work in has tailored management, operational teams and a corporate structure best suited to its needs.

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  • Close management
  • Tailored measurement
  • Project specific KPIs
  • Managed risk


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