United Renewables

Our values

  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Integrity

Our vision

Energizing tomorrow

We are committed to transforming the energy landscape through dedicated decarbonisation research, development of renewable energy generation assets and the implementation of cutting edge technologies



To build a world class portfolio of renewable energy assets and IP and in doing so play a leading role in the renewable energy transition. We build a culture of excellence by maintaining the highest standards of quality, sustainability and integrity.


Our History

United Renewables is an Isle of Man based renewable energy developer with an excellent track record. Over the past decade, through United Renewables and its sister companies we have successfully funded, developed and operated Renewable Energy sites, transforming natural resources into green energy and helping to supply clean electricity back into the national grid infrastructure.

We believe that the current environmental challenges we face require reliable, decisive solutions. That’s why we handle every step of the project within our team of multidisciplinary experts to deliver faster, more effective results.


Learn about our services by visiting our ‘What We Do’ page. Or explore how our initiatives are empowering small businesses to transition into clean energy enterprises.

Listen to the Conversations on Climate Podcast with leading world experts.



Team Members

Xavier de Mol

Infrastructure Development Expert

Patrick Harte

Project Delivery Expert

Sarah McDowell

Planning Expert

Damien McLoughlin

Planning Expert

Malcom Evans

Grid Expert

Paul Kingston

Regulatory Expert

Efrén Hernández

Turbine expert

John Armstrong

Management Specialist

Declan Owens

Planning Consultant

Conor Foy

Environmental Engineer