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At United Renewables we recognise that it is our duty to help push the boundaries of what can be achieved within the energy transition sector in the coming years.

Furthermore, our organisation acknowledges the current climate emergency, and the importance of the United Nations ‘17 Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG’s), as the clearest way to positively impact human activities which now require urgent transformation.

United Renewables is dedicated to actively applying these global targets to every part of our business and are constantly reviewing our own activities to ensure we continue optimising every aspect of our organisation in line with the U.N.’s 17 goals.

From the teacups we use at our desks to the turbines we install across our sites, we’re auditing all our processes from the perspective of sustainability, and will be conducting quarterly reviews to keep asking the question… how can we improve?

For more information, please view our United Nations 17 sustainable development goals poster PDF:

Download a PDF of our Sustainable Development Poster

No Poverty

United Renewables ensures a living wage is paid to all its employees and is also asking the same question of our suppliers and contractors. Our operations are conducted within regions less affected by extreme poverty. However it still exists within our communities, and this problem is likely to grow with the current financial conditions. As United Renewables expands into new regions, we recognise our team will have to go further to contribute to this goal.

Zero Hunger

Operating and living in communities where hunger is still a real issue for some is not something United Renewables can ignore. On the Isle of Man where our HQ is based, we support the local food bank, and will action similar activities for all our offices.

Good Health and Well-being

United Renewables is a family firm. Work/life balance is the cornerstone philosophy for our organisation. Flexible working hours and remote working allow our employees freedom and a supportive structure for their personal lives. We provide warm comfortable working environments with ergonomic furniture and desk deSign. WE will adapt working arrangements around the needs of our personnel. Our head quarters has a gym and pool for staff to use, and as the company expands, we aim to explore health benefits wherever possible.

Quality Education

We are committed to education and academic endeavour as a vital driver to achieve the U.N.’s goals. We continue to build further on our position as regional thought leader within the sector. Our academic partnerships attest to the value we place on continuous development/training of staff, contractors and our management team. As advocates for great change, we also produce regular thoughtprovoking video content for the industry and attend vital seminars/conferences, keeping us all up to date on industry changes across the world.

Gender Equality

Our industry is notably still very male dominated. And whilst there is no pay gap between men and women at United Renewables, it’s paramount that we actively promote the fast growing energy transition sector to girls and young women. Our sister company Manannan Energy has a female majority board and currently developing community education activity on the Isle of Man to ensure the vast opportunities now present are made available to all.

Clean Water and Sanitation

We are very fortunate that all our offices and employees have access to clean water and clean sanitation facilities in line with existing workplace regulation. Any changes or threats to this basic amenity would be addressed by the organisation. We have also adopted the redbox initiative ensuring essential sanitary supplies are made available to staff and visitors if required.

Affordable and Clean Energy

United Renewables was formed to assist the global energy sector’s shift from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption to renewable energy sources. With a focus on island and coastal regions, we are working hard to help communities take the necessary and urgent steps toward a decarbonised future.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

United Renewables currently operates across four regions, providing meaningful work opportunities for our employees and contractors. Salaries are above the living wage, and our strategy for the firm’s growth and expansion provides many opportunities for gainful employment, progression, social mobility. We also choose our contractors carefully, ensuring our ambitions of fair growth are matched.

Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

Helping communities create resilient infrastructure and focus their attention on building sustainable, inclusive solutions and adoption of new technologies. We are keenly aware of the latest industry advances. Our organisation also conducts numerous research projects through our partnerships with universities and recognise the importance of academia to foster new solutions for the industry.

Reduced Inequalities

United Renewables have a policy of opening up our organisation and its opportunities to all walks of life. Social mobility is a vital aspect of any community. We are actively connecting with groups typically overlooked for the industry. We are re open to finding and supporting talent from all areas of society and recognise the value of diversity in our expansion plans.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

The way we power our communities matters. The planning andprovision of clean energy is fundamental to the resilience and sustainability of human settlements. United Renewables is committed to ensuring renewable energy solutions are delivering long term security to towns and cities making the transition to clean energy.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Innovating how we mange, construct and maintain our projects is a vital and continuous process for united renewables. Always refining practices, identifying suppliers and contractors who are optimising solutions within our sector. We assess prospective partners’ commitments and methodology through our request for quotation process (RFQ), ensuring responsible protocols are driving all our decisions.

Climate Action

We acknowledge that the threat of climate change is real, urgent and poses a danger to all. Our organisations operational activities contributes to solving some of the problems, but we recognise much more awareness is required to address this. For this reason we produce the ‘conversations on climate’ podcast and interviews for the industry. We are also aiming to build the first on-shore wind farm in the world’s only jurisdiction that is entirely a unesco biosphere site.

Life Below Water

The majority of our projects are on land, but where our activities impact aquatic ecology, we adhere to the strict guidelines in place around the protection of flora and fauna. We will continue to uphold these requirements as our project list grows and we expand into new territories which may have differing ecology laws.

Life on Land

United Renewables and our contractors observe the local ecology laws in place for all the projects we are involved with. When faced with different options, we will seek to choose the most environmentally friendly routes, even if that means a financial cost. We continue to uphold these necessary guidelines and develop solutions that can minimise negative impacts on the local ecosystems.

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

We believe in integrity and fairness in business at all levels. We always respect and work within the laws and policies of the regions we operate. When operating in new jurisdictions, we aim to positively challenge and lobby for the promotion of policies supporting ‘clean energy transition’ and adoption of renewable energy technologies. We also ensure the coherence and understanding of key workplace policies (whistle blowing, behavioural standards, AML/CFT practices etc.).

Partnerships for the Goals

United renewables is already partnering with key academic institutions such as Queens University, Belfast, The University of Limerick, The London Business School, and the University of Aalborg, Denmark.
We are adding to the partnership activity through an educational program being developed on the isle of man to engage school leavers attention on our industry. We are currently identifying people and organisations to align on behalf of young people with a specific focus on promoting the industry to girls.


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About United Renewables: At United Renewables we have decades of in-house experience planning, building and operating successful clean energy projects globally. Our core business is the development of well-established technologies of onshore wind, solar and anaerobic digestion, developing projects that the world needs today. In addition we pride ourselves on our work in pioneering the next generation of green power. Working with us enables you to assist in the shaping of tomorrow’s technology while future-proofing your investment.