Conversations on Climate

Season 2: Episode 10 – In conversation with Rajesh Chandy

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Delve into the Uncharted Climate Narrative of the Global South with Rajesh Chandy and discover the Untold Story of Innovation and Growth!

Whilst tech titans and policymakers mold the mainstream discourse, Rajesh unveils a hidden truth, the heart of the solutions lies in the developing world. Brace yourself for Episode 10, a revelation of the genius within microentrepreneurs and the unstoppable force that propels innovation. Ignite your curiosity as we venture into the realm of climate entrepreneurship, the art of shaping a better world through marketing, and the remarkable Journeys of the change drivers in the Global South.

Prepare for an enlightening exchange with Rajesh Chandy, the vanguard of marketing, entrepreneurship, and business evolution. Conversations on Climate podcast presents Season 2 where we help to elevate minds to empower action.

The Conversations on CLimate Podcast is brought to you by United Renewables in partnership with the London Business School Energy Alumni Club. Uniting the Brightest Minds from Academia and Industry, we navigate the uncharted waters of climate change from strategists who play with game theory, to diplomats of corporations, and pioneers of algae-powered innovations.

The magnitude of our challenge surpasses any individual and requires unity.

Season 2 is your ticket to deep insights on how to mitigate climate as a business professional, hosted by the remarkable Chris Caldwell and powered by UNITED RENEWABLES, in collaboration with LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL’s dynamic ALUMNI ENERGY CLUB.

Tune in to hear visionaries, scholars, decision-makers, and business titans ignite a mosaic of concepts and remedies on global issues that transcend boundaries.

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