Conversations on Climate

Season 3: Episode 2 – in conversation with Nico Johnson

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Today we sit down with Nico Johnson the founder of SunCast Media and host of Suncast, the highly respected solar energy podcast that has hit 650 episodes and counting.

A solar veteran with experience in development, sales, marketing, and executive coaching, Nico is one of the most connected and astute observers of the booming US market.

“We’re in this head-on chicken race with destiny…”

“…Entities in the energy sector have to eventually embrace renewables – who’s going to build the bridges…?”

“How many times in your marketing have you intentionally injected stress?”

“Most of us are not doing it to get rich. We’re doing it to enrich the world for the next ten generations. And so I think I would introduce myself or characterise my role in the industry as a storyteller.”


In this insightful episode, we cover:

Nico’s road from the Peace Corps to podcasting 

Sales and creativity: “I’m an exceptionally good door opener. I’m not a very good closer!” 

Renewables and hydrogen – the dangers of a divisive conversation 

Where are the curated career paths into renewables? 

Do we still need supportive policy once we hit grid parity? 

Finding your tribe in the green space 

Why new grads are choosing renewables over tech  

The surprising roots of the LatAm solar boom  

When will batteries become a commodity? Sooner than you’d think… 

Nico’s top career advice 



Harvard Business Review: https://bit.ly/49hqh4q

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickalus

SunCast Podcast: https://mysuncast.com


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