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Season 3: Special episode – Every product carbon neutral by 2030 with Alison Dring

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Every product carbon neutral by 2030, Is this ambitious goal achievable? Find out in this crucial conversation with Alison Dring.


In this video, Chris Caldwell, host of the Conversations on Climate podcast chats with Alison Dring, CEO and Co-founder of Made of Air.


During this insightful conversation, Alison shares her expertise on:

  1. Carbon-Negative Materials: Discover how Made of Air’s innovative technology transforms waste biomass into biochar, a game-changing material that reduces carbon emissions in supply chains.
  2. Biochar Applications: Learn how this sustainable material is being utilised in the built environment, logistics, and automotive sectors to create carbon sinks.
  3. The Role of Carbon Capture: Understand the importance of carbon capture and storage in achieving Net Zero emissions and the role of regulatory frameworks in supporting carbon removal technologies.
  4. Overcoming Challenges: Explore the obstacles and advancements in carbon capture, storage, and utilisation technologies and how they can disrupt traditional systems.

Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation that will leave you inspired to take action towards a carbon-neutral future, as you learn how sustainable materials and innovative technologies can lead us towards a better tomorrow.



00:08 Carbon-negative materials and carbon capture storage utilization

02:26 We need negative emissions technologies for a carbon-neutral future.

04:18 Carbon capture technologies for circular economy

06:16 Biochar surface activation for better bonding and storage

08:12 Promoting carbon-neutral products through biochar and supply chain reporting

09:54 Concerns and changing perspectives on carbon removal technologies

11:46 Challenges with nature-based carbon capture and biochar technology

13:42 Importance of diverse biomass sources for biochar production



Website: https://www.madeofair.com

Unreasonable Group: https://unreasonablegroup.com/people/allison-dring

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/allisondring



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