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Season 3: episode 12 – in conversation with Glada Lahn

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In this episode of Conversations on Climate, host Chris Caldwell of United Renewables sits down with Glada Lahn, Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House, to discuss the intersection of climate change, water scarcity, and migration in the Middle East.

Glada shares her personal journey of focusing her career on the Middle East, initially drawn to the region’s politics and Islamic art and architecture. She discusses her work on oil companies in the Middle East and how it sparked her interest in the issue of climate change and its impact on the oil and gas sector.

The conversation delves into the importance of water as a shared resource and the potential for conflict and collaboration between countries in managing it. Glada also highlights the challenges of addressing water scarcity in the context of the Middle East, where many countries are highly dependent on food imports and are experiencing rapid urbanization.

The conversation touches on the links between geopolitics and the environment and the impact of climate change on migration patterns. Glada emphasises the importance of considering the interconnectedness of these issues when addressing the challenges facing the Middle East.

This episode provides a unique perspective on the complex issues of water scarcity, migration, and climate change in the Middle East, drawing on Glada’s extensive experience and expertise in the region.

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00:00 Passion for the Middle East sparked by art and politics

02:30 Early passion for the Middle East and a transition into a focus on oil and gas energy and climate issues

07:19 Evolution of sustainability at Chatham House

09:57 Challenges in the current global systems

15:32 Shift towards renewable energy investments in Gulf countries

18:10 Reforming subsidies and phasing out oil and gas is challenging due to social and economic implications.

22:39 Flooding impact on poorer and richer countries.

24:34 Geopolitics, environment, and conflict are linked, with water scarcity being a key issue in the Middle East.

29:05 Water scarcity and competition leading to conflict

31:28 Addressing diplomatic issues is crucial for sustainable development.

36:01 Water scarcity worsened by pollution and energy-intensive desalination

38:17 Political issues hinder climate resilience projects

42:29 Engage with a diverse range of people for valuable insights.



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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/glada-lah…


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