Season 1: Episode 2 - In conversation with Ramez Nasser - The impact of big dat on energy use.

Season 1: Episode 2 – In conversation with Ramez Nasser

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The Impact Of Big Data On Energy Use

Join us for episode 2, season 1 of the Conversations on Climate podcast, where Ramez Nasser unpacks the profound impact of big data on our energy practices.

Discover the vast potential of the data we generate daily and how it can be harnessed to reshape urban infrastructures, refine our daily energy habits, and inform forward-thinking policies. From optimising energy performance in buildings and businesses to smart city solutions like adaptive street lighting, big data is at the forefront of sustainable innovation.

Dive deep into this enlightening discussion and envision a future where technology and data-driven insights lead the way to a more energy-efficient world.

About United Renewables: At United Renewables we have decades of in-house experience planning, building and operating successful clean energy projects globally. Our core business is the development of well-established technologies of onshore wind, solar, and anaerobic digestion, developing projects that the world needs today.

In addition, we pride ourselves on our work in pioneering the next generation of green power. Working with us enables businesses and investors to assist in the shaping of tomorrow’s technology whilst future-proofing your business and investment.



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