DOUGLAS, Isle of Man, June 16, 2022 – Rapidly addressing the scale of climate change could be made more simple, effective and efficient by tapping into the wealth of data we generate, according to Ramez Nasser. Appearing on Conversations on Climate, the podcast from United Renewables and London Business School, he outlined how the Internet of Things and smarter technology can help reduce emissions, enable better energy usage and set better targets for regulators.

‘With the development of IoT we’re equipping buildings, we’re equipping cities, factories with a whole host of electronic components and people to measure their efficiency, including IoT data, SCADA systems, BMS (Building Management Systems) data, contract data and meteorological data which is all very heterogeneous and increasingly complex. Making sense of that as scale is a challenge we have to meet if we are to go towards net zero and be able to measure our progression towards net zero.’

In order to leverage this data, Ramez outlines several key challenges to solve, including:

  • Data scientists spend 80% of their time looking for data, cleaning up data, making it available and clean enough to be used for their algorithms. We need to refine all of the data that we’re accumulating in order for it to be used or usable by data scientists.
  • By 2035, the world will generate over 2500 zettabytes of data, requiring new technologies to be able to make use of that data, especially in the energy space, which is one of the areas that accumulates the most amount of data.
  • Data storage and servers will need to be increasingly efficient so account for exponential growth in volumes.

The volume of data available will be essential to track and optimise energy performance from buildings and businesses, manage power usage in cities (for example by turning off lights in unused streets) and guiding new technology development.

Ramez Nasser is the latest guest on the Conversations on Climate podcast, which explores the diversity of solutions to the global climate and why they matter. Previous guests include Professor Michael Jacobides, a global expert on ecosystem economics.

The latest episode will be released on Friday 17th June 2022 via all major podcast platforms with full video of the interview available on YouTube at

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