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Revolutionary Solvent Unveiled at Queen’s University Belfast: A Game-Changer in the Battle Against Carbon Emissions

A groundbreaking solvent has been developed by researchers at Queen’s University Belfast, poised to revolutionise the way gases are separated and significantly curb global carbon emissions. This pioneering invention could be the catalyst in the global effort to combat climate change.

Gas separation is critical for capturing CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power plants and other energy-intensive industries. However, existing methods are energy-consuming and create a massive carbon footprint, equivalent to millions of cars on the road.

This innovative process employs a cutting-edge porous liquid solvent that is dramatically more energy-efficient, potentially saving up to 30% of the energy utilised in traditional chemical separation methods. This breakthrough has the potential to completely transform the way we address climate change.

Funded through Invest NI’s Competence Centre Programme, the CASE project boasts commercial partnerships with PLT, international chemical company, Clariant, and United Renewables, a renewable developer and operator with biogas sites in Northern Ireland.

Anticipating pilot projects and large-scale roll-out, industrial demonstrations are expected within the next three to five years, marking the dawn of a new era in combating carbon emissions.

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