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United Renewables launches Conversations on Climate podcast

The podcast, created in collaboration with London Business School Alumni Energy Club (the ‘AEC’) will be hosted by United Renewables Founder Chris Caldwell.

Douglas, 31 May 2022, Renewable energy developer United Renewables is today announcing the launch of a new podcast and videocast series, Conversations on Climate, to explore the wide range of solutions to the global climate crisis through interviews with leading experts in their fields.

Made in collaboration with the AEC, the first series will feature United Renewables Founder Chris Caldwell sitting down with some of the London Business School’s leading thinkers, researchers, builders and makers who are tackling the issue of climate change from a range of perspectives.

Showcasing new solutions to the climate crisis

Working with his business United Renewables, Caldwell has been developing renewable energy projects for over 12 years, seeing firsthand the challenges involved in driving meaningful change in energy and sustainability.

With experts drawn from the London Business School community from fields as diverse as business research to technology development, legislation to behavioural psychology, Conversations on Climate seeks to show how solutions can work together holistically to solve the challenge before us.

Caldwell says: “It’s been clear to me for some time that solving climate change is going to take significant efforts across every part of our societies and economies, from finance to food, planning to politics. That’s why I’ve been speaking to as many experts from as many fields as possible to find where our hopes for the future may lie and showcase the sheer diversity of options that are out there that we need to support.”

“We need to move the conversation on from solar vs wind, or veganism vs new GMOs. The reality is that this is a crisis and we need all hands on deck. I’m proud to be learning from inspiring thinkers in every field as I expand my own horizons and hopefully do the same for our audience.”

The podcast is targeted at business leaders and entrepreneurs looking to find ways to make a meaningful impact in their careers, as well as anyone interested in the cutting-edge of sustainable innovation and thinking on this generation defining issue.

Where to find Conversations on Climate

The inaugural episode will launch on 3rd June 2022 and will feature Michael G Jacobides, the Sir Donald Gordon Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at London Business School, where he is Professor of Strategy and a world-renowned expert in ecosystems and business management. Professor Jacobides discusses amongst other areas

  • How we harness business ecosystems by challenging existing practices and rethinking how labour is organized and divided in the renewables sector
  • Who is best placed to orchestrate the sustainability ecosystems of the near future
  • What role firms and governments can play in driving change

The videocast will be available on YouTube and the podcast will be available on all major platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, with new episodes released every two weeks.

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