Conversations on Climate

Season2: Episode 20 – in conversation with CT Green Bank

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Introducing Bryan Garcia and Sara Harari

The CT Green Bank was the first of its kind in the US and has generated over $2.4bn in green investment and abated millions of tonnes of CO2e by de-risking private finance, bringing stakeholders together, and pioneering approaches to local clean investment.

Its President and Founder is Bryan Garcia, and Sara Harari is Associate Director of Innovation and Strategy Advisor to the President.

The fascinating conversation with Chris Caldwell takes place at Yale and covers a wide range of questions and delivers us an amazing insight into the philosophy of Green Banks and this Green Bank in particular:

… having a vision of a planet protected by the love of humanity, is that you can’t have environmentalism without humanitarianism.

… you can’t save the trees by avoiding people. It is fundamentally about caring about each other. If we do that, then we are going to solve the climate crisis. But we have to be able to put our arms around each other first and then mobilize capital investment … to deliver the results that we’re after.

But I think that’s, you know, the vision of the Connecticut Green Bank…


Highlights of this episode include:

Section one: The CT Green Bank mission 

Section two: How Green Bank trains private markets

Section three: From renewables to environmental infrastructure

Section four: Innovation and climate justice at the local level

Section five: Selling cleantech in red states: spreading the Green Bank model

Section six: IRA: layered incentives and smart design

Section seven: Financing climate resilience

Section eight: Elections, wishlists, and sourcing meaning







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