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Season 3: Special Episode – Renewable Energy and Climate Action in Malta with Sandra Gauci

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As the impacts of climate change become increasingly evident, the urgent need for bold action to address it has never been greater. In this interview, we speak with Sandra Gauci, leader of the Green Party in Malta and a teacher by profession, about the challenges and opportunities of fighting for a green future.

Gauci emphasises the importance of youth engagement in climate action, noting that young people often provide her with the ideas and inspiration for her work. However, she also acknowledges that the current electoral system in Malta makes it difficult for third parties like the Greens to gain representation. Despite these challenges, Gauci remains optimistic about the potential for change.

“The time is ripe for the people to have a third voice in Parliament,” she says. “I think that climate change at the moment is the top priority, even on a European level. In the long term, it’s the planet and us which will benefit from it.”

Gauci also discusses the importance of renewable energy in combating climate change, pointing out that Malta currently lags behind other European countries in this area. However, she is hopeful that the country can make progress in this area, particularly if the government invests more in renewables and less in fossil fuels.

Throughout the interview, Gauci stresses the need for bold, immediate action to address climate change. “Sometimes certain things require time, and people want short-term solutions,” she says. “But I don’t think that the country or the world can afford these tweaks here and there. We need to be consistent and bold in our actions.”

This interview provides a fascinating insight into the challenges and opportunities of fighting for a green future in Malta and beyond. Whether you’re a climate activist, a concerned citizen, or simply someone who cares about the future of our planet, you won’t want to miss this conversation with Sandra Gauci.



Sandra’s Blog: https://sandragauci.com/blog

Malta Times Article: https://bit.ly/4c4Qi7S

Green Party Website: https://adpd.mt


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