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Season 3: Special Episode – Mastering Leadership Challenges in Climate Change with Chris Caldwell

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Mastering leadership challenges in climate change is not an easy task, as we find out from this captivating keynote by Chris Caldwell at the Green Vision Summit in Malta.

In this captivating keynote from the Green Vision Summit in Malta, Chris Caldwell shares his personal insights and experiences in the fight against climate change. Through a series of impactful stories, Caldwell challenges the notion that “tomorrow is too late” and inspires the audience to take urgent action today.

From witnessing the environmental devastation in China to the heartbreaking decline of coral reefs in Barbados, Caldwell’s candid accounts underscore the pressing need to address the global climate crisis. He debunks common myths about future technological solutions, emphasising the transformative power of renewable energy, sustainable practices, and collective responsibility.

Caldwell’s message is clear: the time to act is now. By harnessing the collective expertise and passion of the audience, he believes we can create a sustainable future that benefits both people and the planet. This thought-provoking presentation offers a compelling call to action, encouraging viewers to become change-makers in their own communities and industries.

Join us as we delve into Caldwell’s powerful story and uncover the opportunities that lie ahead in the fight against climate change. Prepare to be motivated, enlightened, and empowered to drive the positive change our world so urgently needs.


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