Conversations on Climate

Season 2: Episode 5 – In conversation with Eduardo Famini Silva

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Embark on a comprehensive exploration of the global energy markets with Eduardo Famini Silva, a distinguished figure in the field of green energy banking. With an expansive career spanning multiple continents and a profound focus on clean energy markets, Eduardo Famini Silva, the Director of Renewables and Utilities at RBC Capital Markets, provides an unparalleled 360° perspective on global ESG trends.

In this captivating episode, Eduardo Famini Silva delves into various thought-provoking topics, including the organic evolution from oil to renewables in his career, the utilitarian nature of ESG, and the profound potential of clean energy in solving the trilemma. Unveiling the intricate dance of growth and consolidation within the realm of green M&A, he also sheds light on the ongoing battle between decarbonisation and high interest rates. Furthermore, he explores the potential for a green trade war between the US and EU, the future prospects of hydrogen, and the importance of energy justice through co-investing in social outcomes.

Conversations on Climate is a podcast that merges the collective expertise of academia and business in response to the pressing challenges of climate change. Presented by Chris Caldwell and produced by UNITED RENEWABLES in association with LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL, ALUMNI ENERGY CLUB, this podcast brings together luminaries such as game theorists, corporate diplomats, oil industry veterans, and micro-algae entrepreneurs.

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