Conversations on Climate

Season 2: Episode 3 – In conversation with Tom Gosling

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After nearly twenty-five years at PriceWaterhouseCoopers as an expert on executive pay and board policy, Tom Gosling set out to create a new portfolio career with ESG at the center.

Tom Gosling is currently Executive Fellow in the Department of Finance at London Business School, and holds fellowships, advisory, and consulting positions at a number of other major organisations, including the FCA and The Purposeful Company. 

Tom bridges high-level experience and deep thinking across a fascinating range of subjects, making this a conversation not to be missed.

  • Are CEOs really overpaid
  • Do ESG Targets work
  • Are stock markets too short-termist
  • Is climate change truly a ‘shareholder value’ concern
  • Do we need to get business out of politics – or the opposite

‘…So what’s absolutely clear is that individuals can’t solve this by themselves. And I think it’s wrong to entirely put the emphasis on individuals. And that is part of the reason why I haven’t taken an excessively harsh approach to this…But on the other hand, I think the idea that Governments have got to solve this, say, let’s just wait for governments to act is kind of for the birds as well. That’s not how politics works…’

Conversations on Climate is a podcast produced by United Renewables in association with the London Business School Energy Alumni Club. 

It brings together the best minds from academia and business, to offer their experience and expertise in the face of climate change –from game theorists to corporate diplomats, and oil industry veterans to micro-algae entrepreneurs. 

We talk about how the scope of the challenge before us is beyond that of any one individual or any one solution. We listen to thinkers, researchers, policymakers, and business leaders. They discuss a diversity of ideas and solutions to global climate and environmental issues and why they matter.


Season 2 is presented by Chris Caldwell and produced by UNITED RENEWABLES in association with LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL, ALUMNI ENERGY CLUB.

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