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Season 2: Episode 13 – In conversation with Abel Martins Alexandre

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Goodbye, Legacy Capital! It’s Time For A Change.

Join us as we dive deep with Abel Martins Alexandre, the esteemed Managing Director at Lloyds Bank and a renowned authority in the metals sector. 

Boasting over a decade of industry experience, Abel offers a profound grasp of the intricate challenges the sector faces, from sustainability imperatives to the hurdles of energy transition. In our 13th episode of season 2, we delve into these topics and more, gleaning from Abel’s expertise on the shifting terrain of ESG standards and the paramountcy of open accountability.

Key Conversation Highlights:

ESG in Finance: We kick off with a look at the progression of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) values in the financial and banking realms, spotlighting the disparity between ESG rhetoric and tangible climate action.

Metals and Mining: We underscore the pivotal role of metals and mining in the fight against climate change, offering insights into supply quandaries, geological constraints, market fluxes, and the historical backdrop of commodity supercycles.

ESG and Sustainability: Our dialogue delves into the repercussions of ESG criteria on mining ventures and the intricate act of upholding rigorous ESG benchmarks while catering to escalating demand. The topic of seabed mining and its potential ramifications also comes into play.

Bridging the Supply Gap: We explore prospective strategies to mitigate the supply shortfall in crucial minerals, touching on aspects like governmental influence on resource corporations, carbon valuation, the prospective sway of Big Tech, and the geopolitical facets of mineral trading.

Sustainable Mining Initiatives: We shed light on endeavours to render mining more eco-friendly, addressing concerns like carbon reduction, environmental stewardship, and governance obstacles, including corruption.

Policy, Resilience, and Risk Management: We dissect the notion of resilience within the energy transition framework, introducing tools for resilience valuation, the imperative for state-backed policies championing resilience, and the significance of political stewardship.

Mastering Resilience: We wrap up with invaluable guidance on how individuals can foster resilience throughout their professional journey.


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