Conversations on Climate

Season 2: Episode 12 – In conversation with Professor Randall Peterson

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Professor Randall Peterson is a leading expert on leadership and organisational behaviour, with a unique perspective gained from his background in agriculture and educational psychology.

In this week’s video, he shares insights on the role of corporate boards in addressing environmental and social challenges. He also discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion in the boardroom and the need for organisations to adapt to a rapidly changing world. With his engaging and accessible style. Professor Peterson offers a fresh and thought-provoking perspective on these important topics and more.

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So, let’s talk climate . . . Conversations on Climate podcast presents Season 2 where we help to elevate minds to empower action.

The Conversations on Climate Podcast is brought to you by United Renewables in partnership with the London Business School Energy Alumni Club. Uniting the Brightest Minds from Academia and Industry, we navigate the uncharted waters of climate change from strategists who play with game theory, to diplomats of corporations, and pioneers of algae-powered innovations.

The magnitude of our challenge surpasses any individual and requires unity. Tune in to hear visionaries, scholars, decision-makers, and business titans ignite a mosaic of concepts and remedies on global issues that transcend boundaries. 🎧 Season 2 is your ticket to deep insights on how to mitigate climate as a business professional, hosted by the remarkable Chris Caldwell and powered by UNITED RENEWABLES, in collaboration with LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL’s dynamic ALUMNI ENERGY CLUB.

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London Business School Profile: https://tinyurl.com/2c3o4jyr

Business Profile: https://randallspeterson.com

Disaster in the Boardroom: Six Dysfunctions Everyone Should Understand (Book):

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