Conversations on Climate

Season 1: Episode 8 – In conversation with Julio Dal Poz

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How Big Oil is really facing the energy transition

In this video, Chris Caldwell CEO of United Renewables Ltd and host of the conversations on Climate podcast talks with industry veteran Julio Dal Poz and we hear his fascinating account of the view from within the oil industry.

Conversation with Julio Dal Poz takes us through the history of oil giant Equinor’s engagement with climate change and gives us his frank views on watershed moments, greenwashing, the energy trilemma, and what net zero really means.

Brazilian-born Julio Dal Poz started his career in deepwater oil drilling as an engineer. Through many twists and turns – working across Norway, Brazil, the UK, and the Middle East – he is now a consultant advising traditional energy firms on making the transition to clean energy with FTI Consulting.

After a spell as an energy specialist at Accenture, He spent the key years between the Financial Crisis and the Paris Agreement as Senior Strategy Advisor at Equinor, where he saw first-hand what change really looks like at arguably the world’s most forward-thinking oil major.

He is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist at global energy events worldwide. Dal Poz was a great partner for this conversation, combining his deep experience with a willingness to question common conceptions about his controversial industry.

Season 1 is presented by Chris Caldwell and produced by UNITED RENEWABLES in association with LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL, ALUMNI ENERGY CLUB.

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