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Season 1: Episode 4 – In conversation with Kritika Kumar

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Smart Building Technologies and Energy Efficiency

In this video, Chris Caldwell talks to Conversation with Kritika Kumar ,  a smart energy specialist, digital transformation expert, and the London Business School Alumni Energy Club Co-President. They discuss how the implementation of smart technology can transform the efficiency of a building’s energy use, creating both cost savings and a reduction of its carbon footprint.

Based in Hong Kong, Kritika explains how she is involved with the rollout of new technologies and the impact this is having in a very energy-intensive environment. There is a huge amount packed into this half-hour conversation.

It was fascinating to hear Kritika’s perspective as someone taking the climate fight to an East Asian megacity, and there will be something new for each and every listener:

–  Why Hong Kong is so far behind in the race to net-zero

–  The challenges of decarbonising an island of 7.5m people – and finding somewhere to charge your electric car

–  Why government targets are necessary, but not sufficient, in driving change

– The role of decarbonising the built environment in a city-state (and why a subtropical climate doesn’t help)

“Different types of industries now are looking into how can they reduce their own carbon dioxide emissions. I recently interacted with an auction house that was looking into a sustainability policy…last year, they looked into all their emissions coming from shipping, logistics, buildings …shipping artwork from all over the world. And that was a major factor of their emissions. You know, you wouldn’t see an auction house looking into their carbon dioxide emissions ten years ago, but it’s happening now…”

“…and then on the consulting side, all these companies that are wanting to have a decarbonisation strategy: they don’t know how. They need experts in sustainability, in carbon reduction, in ESG. And there’s a huge opportunity there, not only in terms of guiding or setting that strategy but on the implementation as well.”

“I would say the kind of work I am doing is more on this implementation side where I’m helping reduce the carbon dioxide emission in buildings by helping reduce the energy consumption in buildings through technology; installing hardware; software solutions that can help optimise buildings…”

Learn how Smart Building Technologies and Energy Efficiency can improve your business’s carbon footprint.

Throughout season 1, we talk about how the scope of the challenge before us is beyond that of any one individual or any one solution. We talk to thinkers, researchers, makers, and business leaders. They discuss a diversity of ideas and solutions to global climate and environmental issues and why they matter.

Season 1 is presented by Chris Caldwell and produced by UNITED RENEWABLES in association with LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL, ALUMNI ENERGY CLUB.


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Key energy stats from the IEA(2019) https://www.iea.org/countries/hong-kong

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