Season 1: Episode 20 – In conversation with Cathrine De Coninck Lopez

Season 1: Episode 19 – In conversation with Cathrine De Coninck Lopez

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ESG 101: The Ultimate Guide for Businesses | Why You Need to Know About ESG Investing

The investment management trend of this century has arguably been ESG, which has become a large and growing business. However, with growth comes complexity and questions about what qualifies as ESG, which products are most aligned with sustainability goals, and how to balance financial and ethical objectives.

Our guest on this week’s episode, Cathrine de Coninck-Lopez, is the Global Head of ESG at Invesco, a fund management giant, and is well-equipped to provide insights on these issues from philosophical, technical, and financial perspectives.

In the episode of Conversations on Climate, Cathrine offers a behind-the-scenes look at ESG investment and addresses key debates, providing clear and transparent thinking to help listeners refine their own ideas.

This episode covers topics such as the definition of ESG, Cathrine’s career trajectory, how ESG functions at Invesco, navigating recessions and subjectivity, ESG beyond carbon, risk and transparency in global ESG, coping with contradiction through voting and divestment, the contradiction of passive ESG, and top tips and conclusions.


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