Master your superpower - Mastering the art of influence and persuasion with Professor Zoe Chance


Conversations on Climate

Season 1: Episode 16– In conversation with Professor Zoe Chance

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Conversations on Climate – Master your superpower – Mastering the art of influence and persuasion with Professor Zoe Chance.

Zoe Chance is Assistant Professor of Marketing and Senior Lecturer at Yale School of Management, where she teaches the top-ranked MBA elective ‘Mastering Influence and Persuasion’.

Last year Zoe published her long-awaited book, Influence is Your Superpower, with half of all the profits donated to climate action group This powerful book is rooted in groundbreaking research in behavioral economics, neuroscience, and psychology.

In this talk, we discuss key insights from her new book and how people and the planet can benefit from her deeply ethical approach to influence. To find out how to supercharge your climate influence – with a little help from cutting-edge behavioural science – stay tuned for this amazing episode of Conversations on Climate, with Professor Zoe Chance.

Throughout season 1, we talk about how the scope of the challenge before us is beyond that of any one individual or any one solution. We talk to thinkers, researchers, policymakers, and business leaders. They discuss a diversity of ideas and solutions to global climate and environmental issues and why they matter.

Season 1 is presented by Chris Caldwell and produced by UNITED RENEWABLES in association with LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL, ALUMNI ENERGY CLUB.

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