Climatetech is the next big growth story for budding founders. Which sounds great – but what does it actually mean in practice.


conversation with Amoury Poulden

Season 1: episode 15 – in conversation with Amoury Poulden

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conversation with Amoury Poulden-Climate change, capitalism, and what’s next?

Climatetech is the next big growth story for budding founders. Which sounds great – but what does it actually mean in practice? And how do you sort the moonshots from those that will never get off the landing pad?

To find out, we spoke to someone who is putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to climate start-ups – a new $20m fund, to be exact. Amory Poulden is the Founding Partner of D2 Fund, a full-stack Venture Capital shop investing in tech-enabled solutions across climate and AI, such as ConnectEarth and Loma. Before setting up his own fund a year ago,

Amory was Venture Principal at Shell Ventures, and has deep roots in the finance and energy sectors. Just a few pitch-deck highlights:

conversation with Amoury Poulden most visceral’ experience – what it takes to start your own VC fund

How he got out of the oil industry – what would his children think?

Product vs service, founder vs idea in early-stage investing

Amory’s barbell approach to identifying climatetech opportunities

Why he thinks ESG is a useless framework for start-ups

How to win friends and influence founders: brute force levers, or the power of trust?

Is Shell Ventures a clean energy contradiction?

The future of climatetech: from heating to protein to steel


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