Conversations on Climate

Season 1: Episode 13 – in conversation with Tara Schmidt

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Exploring Sustainable Finance with Tara Schmidt

Can the banking system shape a better world? Tara Schmidt from Lloyds and Bank of Scotland believes so. She’s dedicated her career to this cause.

Tara asserts that post-2008 turmoil and the impact of Covid-19 position finance as a catalyst for a sustainable future.

As Head of Climate and Sustainability Strategy, Sustainability & ESG Finance at Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland, Tara, an engineer by background, transitioned from the oil industry in 2004. With roles at Accenture, ERM, and Wood Mackenzie, she’s a global sustainability consultant.

During a Conversations on Climate episode, Tara speaks with Chris Caldwell of United Renewables, covering:

  • Her early passion for sustainability and discovery of environmental engineering.
  • Applying finance’s 2008 risk management lessons to address climate change.
  • E, S & G’s intertwined history and measurement challenges.
  • Influencing boardrooms through strategic ‘what-if?’ scenarios.
  • The role of global frameworks in driving climate progress.
  • Just transition’s potential to rejuvenate the UK’s industrial hubs and prevent decarbonisation setbacks in nations like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and South Africa.
  • A holistic view of opportunities and crises beyond COP 27.
  • An encouraging message to MBAs: Embrace bravery and consider taking a pay cut.

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