Conversations on Climate

Season 1: Episode 11 – in conversation with Professor Ioaniss Ioannou

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Our guest this week is an award-winning academic and his focus is on how companies and capital markets can play a major part in a sustainable future.

This conversation with Professor Ioaniss Ioannou takes us on a deep dive into multiple areas of sustainability, including reflections in a decade in ESG, the relationship between sustainability and corporate performance, ESG as an investment theme, the problem of Greenwashing, the geopolitics of sustainability, and his own reimagining of the future

“… Think about Tesla, for example, and how it disrupted the automobile industry. Think about Beyond food and Impossible Meats and how they disrupted their food industry….

Think about how Oatly came in and disrupted natural milk. So in other words, the new market entry signifies to me that sustainability as a trend has created new market opportunities, and therefore especially …  a startup that is born sustainable doesn’t have the organizational inertia and the challenge of transforming, you can take advantage of these opportunities and you can scale.”

“So companies, in a sense, are now more legitimate to engage on this transformational journey that sustainability requires… However, this is the plague of our times, I think a lot of companies are trying to find the shortcuts… They’re trying to cheat their way to responsibility.”

Professor Ioannis is a frequent contributor to Bloomberg, the FT, the Guardian, and of course the BBC.

Season 1 is presented by Chris Caldwell and produced by UNITED RENEWABLES in association with LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL, ALUMNI ENERGY CLUB.

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